You have options with Baldwin Park Resident Owned Utility District (BPROUD), your local renewable electric service provider. Customers will automatically be enrolled into BPROUD's SMART CHOICE.  Here are BPROUD Rate Schedules. There is no registration process. Only customers electing to Opt-Up to our 100% renewable plan, BPROUD GREEN CHOICE, or customers electing to Opt-Out of BPROUD and stay with SCE need to take action.

You can learn more about each plan below:

BPROUD's default energy product

100% renewable energy content with solar, wind or geo-thermal sources

Solar owners can earn up to 100% more for energy fed to the grid

BPROUD supplies power to homes and businesses with an opportunity to opt up to 100% renewable energy. Our partner, Southern California Edison, continues to do the billing, maintains the power lines, and handles all new service requests and emergencies.