Why did the Baldwin Park City Council create this program?

The City Council started BPROUD for the purpose of helping to reduce our community’s Southern California Edison (SCE) electricity bills. BPROUD is yet another way the City Council is being proactive in offering Baldwin Park residents and businesses yet another benefit of living and working in our fine City.

What is BPROUD?

BPROUD is the all-new, locally run, not-for-profit power program created by the City of Baldwin Park, specifically for our community. This clean and modern power provider will be available exclusively to those residents and businesses within Baldwin Park that are currently served by SCE. BPROUD is set to start providing power on October 1, 2020.  BPROUD has partnered with SCE, so many of the functions are still performed by SCE as they are now, which makes the program very low impact to implement. In addition, there will be no registration or sign up process as described below.

How does BPROUD work?

BPROUD is overseen by the Baldwin Park City Council, whose interests are aligned with yours. BPROUD purchases power directly from power providers, pays consultants for compliance functions, and sets electricity rates based on our costs. BPROUD power is delivered through SCE poles and wires. SCE is still the utility and will continues to bill and collect from customers but using BPROUD’s electricity rates.

What are the Benefits of BPROUD?

BPROUD provides customers a choice where before there was none. SCE customers will automatically be enrolled into BPROUD’s default energy product. BPROUD brings local control and choice of provider to Baldwin Park. In addition, BPROUD offers a 100% renewable energy product at a slight monthly premium.

What are other Benefits of BPROUD?

  • No enrollment process; all customers are automatically signed up for BPROUD’S default energy product beginning 10/1/20.
  • CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline discount customers will keep their current discount and save even more with BPROUD.
  • SCE will continue to read your meter, bill you, and process your payment. They will still respond to your requests and handle any power outages. Only the source and price of the electricity flowing to your home will change with BPROUD.
  • No change to auto-pay plans or level rate pay plans.
  • Optional 100% renewable plan (requires customers to take action to opt-up to this plan).
  • BPROUD is a stand-alone program that doesn’t impact City services or funding.
  • In accordance with law, SCE customers can expect 4 notices in August, September, November, December. If you decide that BPROUD is not right for you, customers may opt-out of BPROUD and stay with SCE.