The Power to Choose
BPROUD is the all-new, locally run, not-for-profit power program created by the City of Baldwin Park. This new power provider will be available exclusively to those residents and businesses within Baldwin Park that are currently served by Southern California Edison

By bringing energy decisions closer to home, we’re giving you a far greater say in how we approach power generation, energy conservation and sustainability.

SCE will continue to read your meter, bill you, and process your payment. They will still respond to your requests and handle any power outages. Only the source and price of the electricity flowing to your home will change.
BPROUD rates are set by the Baldwin Park City Council. You will also have the satisfaction of working with a local provider, governed by local leaders whose interests are aligned with yours.

While the BPROUD’s default product, SMART CHOICE, offers 35% renewable energy, BPROUD’s GREEN CHOICE rate plan offers customers the option of “opting-up” to 100% renewable energy at a nominal price. This is the first time that Baldwin Park residents have been offered such a choice.

For more information, please select the links to the documents below

Ordinance Link (PDF)
Implementation Plan (PDF)